Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Dear students and parents of 1-2T, 2015.

I have had such a wonderful time this year with a truly lovely group of young people. Each of you should be so very proud of yourselves – for being amazing students and for being fantastic parents.

A special thank you to the parents who came in to help in the morning and and on excursions and special events throughout the year.

It really is a privilege to be given a responsibility so important as the care and nurturing of other people’s children. Of course it is hard work, of course it is immensely challenging. But these kids are so much fun and they fill you with life.

Thank you kids of 1-2T.

Have a safe and happy holiday and we will see you all in 2016.

Mr Tyndall

Literacy Week 8

Discovering Antarctica

This week we are lucky enough to have a presentation from Dr Alison Kellow about the wondrous environment of Antarctica. Antarctica is a very special place in the world and one that it is important for the world to protect. It’s ice flows contain a great deal of the worlds fresh water. Its land and sea habitats are home to some of the worlds most amazing animal populations.

Following this presentation, we are going to explore the website Discovering Antarctica, to learn more about this unique natural environment.

You might want to leave a comment about something you have learned about Antarctica, such as:

“Dear Mr T, I just found out that on Christmas Day in Antarctica, the sun doesn’t go down. It’s daylight the whole time!”


Welcome to Term 4

Welcome back to school for Term 4 everybody. I hope you had a great break.

This term we will be learning about the topic ‘Our Natural Environment‘ and I am looking forward to sharing a little bit about the amazing natural environments I visited these holidays when I took my family to the Northern Territory.

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Parents Helpers – the Parent Helper Roster is available now on the Parent Helpers Page.  Please fill in your names when you are able to help.